Xiloca Garnacha 2017 

 August 28, 2019

By  Jess Walker

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Ribera Del Duero, Spain


Cost: ~ $14

Jess - 2.5/5


Travis - NA

Very soon we are headed to Spain for an amazing 2-week vacation filled with wine touring. So in planning this trip, it seems that every Spanish wine on a menu jumps out at me.  Which is exactly what happened with this Xiloca Garnacha.

Xiloca Garnacha '17 Wine Down Wednesday

I often find it easier and more efficient to head some where not my house to work on blog posts and usually a coffee shop is where I end up.  This past weekend, I received an email from our local wine shop, Fine Wine & Tasting on Main, about an upcoming event and a light bulb went off.  WHY have I NOT been going to the wine bar to write?!?! With less expensive tasting pours, it can stay in budget and be getting some wine inspiration at the same time. Needless to say, I have a new spot for writing... anyway - on to the wine.

Winemaker Notes:

"We are in Murero, a small town of 76 inhabitants, on the banks of the Jiloca River, 10 km from Daroca. Located in the place called "Finca La Moratilla", it is a concept of French "Chateau", where our treasure is the vineyards. We have joined our experience to make wine our way of life by recovering old vineyards of our “Old Garnacha” preventing it from being part of a Inheritance almost lost."

~ Sommos Garnacha Bodega

Wine Notes:

  • Winery: Sommos Garnacha Bodega
  • Alcohol: 14.5%
  • Varietal/Blend: Garnacha

Tasting Notes:

Medium bodied bright cherry red color.  Aromas of blueberry and cherry with tons of berry flavor, almost jam like.  The acidity was quite high and the finish was short and unbalanced.

Overall, this wasn't my favorite wine that I tasted while working this past weekend. However, I do think that it would have been much better if I'd had some thing to pair with it. It might have paired nicely with some cheese, crackers, and nuts. Or perhaps a meal with a bit of fat in it - like a salmon...

Doing a bit of research after trying this wine, I've found that the reviews of different vintages show very different reactions. Maybe the 2017 was just not their best year.

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Do you love Spanish wine? 

Or do you have another favorite you think we should try for another Wine Down Wednesday? Let us know in the comments! 

Xiloca Garnacha '17 Pin 1
Xiloca Garnacha '17 Wine Pin 2

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