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Every bottle has a journey to take you on. I want to share my wine themed adventures to help inspire yours! 

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Jess and Travis in Napa Valley - Wineries in Napa


The glass where it all began...

My wine journey officially began on a trip to Napa with my, then boyfriend, now husband. We decided Napa would be a fun destination for our first “big” vacation as a couple. He was pretty into wine, and I thought why not learn something from him about it combined with an amazing vacation.


We were at Hall Wines, tasting the same wine, when I realized just how personal wine tasting is. We had TOTALLY different experiences with that same glass! At that moment, I knew I had to learn more about why that wine tasted the way it did. I wanted to always be able to choose a wine I’d probably enjoy while still being able to try new things.


Since then, we have traveled regularly to wine county and try to explore through the glass whenever we’re not able to travel! Check out our adventures and hopefully sharing my experiences can help you along your wine journey!

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"Every time I open a bottle of wine, it is an amazing trip somewhere.”

Chef José Andrés

Inglenook Zinfandel 1977


I love to share the details of my wine travel and help YOU create your own adventures in wine.